[R-pkg-devel] Seamless way for a CRAN-bound package to depend on a Bioconductor package?

Pavel Krivitsky pavel at uow.edu.au
Fri Jul 28 14:42:01 CEST 2017

Dear All,

There is a Bioconductor package (S4Vectors) whose functionality I want
to use in one of my packages, which I usually submit to CRAN.

At this time, install.packages() does not automatically fetch
dependencies from Bioconductor as far as I can tell, though it can be
told to do so via setRepostitory().

Is there any way to make it more seamless for the end-user?

I know that there is the 'Additional_repositories:' setting, but I
think that's for R CMD check only: although devtools::install()
understands it and the 'biocView:' setting, install.packages() does

Another option might be to make it a Suggested package and then force
its installation (if necessary) and loading in the .onLoad() function
of my package, but it's not clear whether that's CRAN-appropriate

				Thanks in advance,

Pavel Krivitsky
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