[R-pkg-devel] spell check in DESCRIPTION

Simon Wood simon.wood at bath.edu
Wed Jul 26 12:47:30 CEST 2017

I've just had my package (mgcv) bounced because of 3 notes. One of these
is complaining about spelling in the DESCRIPTION file.

Possibly mis-spelled words in DESCRIPTION:
    AIC (5:47, 8:75)
    GAM (5:14)
    GAMMs (7:20)
    GAMs (7:14)
    GCV (5:43, 8:57)
    REML (5:51, 8:62)
    UBRE (8:70)
    smoothers (9:59)

However if I run

R CMD check mgcv_1.8-18.tar.gz --as-cran

using the same rdevel version apparently used in the test then no problem is reported. Does anyone know how I can turn on the spell check? And how do I request that `smoothers' be allowed as a valid word (even if acronyms are to be banned)?
(Full report in link below)



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