[R-pkg-devel] Are import-export-only packages allowed on CRAN?

Richard Cotton richierocks at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 19:17:37 CEST 2015

One piece of feedback that I received at useR was that the assertive
package is getting too big, and should be broken down into smaller

I want to split the functionality into assertive.base,
assertive.types, and a few others, then have the assertive package as
a virtual package (suggestions for better terminology welcomed) that
just imports and reexports the contents of the underlying pieces.

That way end-users can can still type library(assertive) and have the
same behaviour as before, and package developers who worry about
having lightweight dependencies can just use the parts that they need.

Before I do the refactoring, I wanted to check that it is OK to have a
package without any of its own content (other than vignettes) on CRAN.
Is it OK?

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