[R-pkg-devel] CRAN check for package on Sparc Solaris (or other architectures)

Viechtbauer Wolfgang (STAT) wolfgang.viechtbauer at maastrichtuniversity.nl
Tue May 26 00:13:39 CEST 2015

Hello All,

First of all, thanks to Martin, Hadley, and Dirk (and everybody else involved) for setting up this new mailing list. I am sure this will become a tremendous resource for package developers.

My question is in essence just a repost of what I asked on R-devel a few weeks ago:


At the time, the 'metafor' package failed CRAN checks on Sparc Solaris.

To clarify: Before I submit a new version of metafor to CRAN, I check that it passes 'R CMD check --as-cran' on R-devel (both 64- and 32-bit), R-current (whatever version this is at the time), and the oldest version of R specified under 'Depends' (which is currently 3.1.0 for the metafor package) -- so 6 checks in total. All of these checks are run on Windows (yes, shoot me).

Admittedly, I screwed up on some package tests (using the 'testthat' package) -- using a few is_identical_to() instead of expect_equivalent() comparisons -- which I shouldn't have done in the first place. But all of these passed the 6 checks that I did. Not so on Sparc Solaris though (and apparently also not on x86_64 Linux with --disable-long-double, but as far as I can tell, http://cran.r-project.org/web/checks/check_results_metafor.html does not indicate such a check).

At any rate, I try to check the package thoroughly before submitting -- but clearly not thorough enough. While my mistake was easy to remedy, the more general question is this: Is there any possibility of checking packages on various architectures, and especially Sparc Solaris, before submitting? Also, I don't know how often it happens that packages pass the various flavors of R on Windows/OSX/Linux but not on Sparc Solaris, so maybe this is really not much of an issue. But I plan on adding additional checks to the package so that code coverage is much higher -- so is CRAN itself then the only place where I can end up running all checks?


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