[R-pkg-devel] Non-mainstream packages in vignette / dependency

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sat May 23 14:24:40 CEST 2015

On 23 May 2015 at 10:57, Peter Meissner wrote:
| So I pat and hope for the best ...
| and am happy to have used ghrr as additional repo for my CRAN submission.  
| CRAN agrees and has accepted wikipediatrend with ghrr as an additional  
| non-mainstream package-repo. Thanks again.

Very nice existence proof -- congrats.

I'll reference that in the drat FAQ. I am due a package update anyway.
| I think having one additional repo for packages that are on GitHub but not  
| on CRAN is a splendid idea and the word about ghrr shall be spread loud  
| and wide. Great work.

And GitHub style pull requests (or issue tickets) may be the best way to add
more package.  Not sure I documented that somewhere but I tend to use

   "name of package"   "version"   "git sha1"   "repo url"

as a commit format so that it is always clear where a package came from.
>From my condensed 'git ls' in that repo:

* 6dcf413 - Rblpapi f7ff208 git at github.com:eddelbuettel/Rblpapi.git (22 hours ago) <Dirk Eddelbuettel>
* 955771d - BH 1.58.0-0 2b6afe8 git at github.com:eddelbuettel/bh.git (9 days ago) <Dirk Eddelbuettel>
* 24be658 - AnomalyDetection 1.0.1 845527d git at github.com:eddelbuettel/AnomalyDetection.git (12 days ago) <Dirk Eddelbuettel>
* ed7f30d - Rblpapi 7e332bc git at github.com:eddelbuettel/Rblpapi.git (12 days ago) <Dirk Eddelbuettel>
* a1c49c8 - BreakoutDetection 2121f8c git at github.com:eddelbuettel/BreakoutDetection.git (12 days ago) <Dirk Eddelbuettel>

For BreakoutDetection and AnomalyDetection, I used local forks so that I
could increment the minor version to make the (then-current) git snapshot I
took distinct. Both had (minor) recent changes in there that made it a little
distinct from the earlier, announced versions -- and in cases like that I
think the version number really ought to be distinct as the code.

"That's what forks are for." :)

Similarly, the BH above was a pre-release I announced to rcpp-devel; it has
since been superseeded by the BH 1.58.0-1 release now on CRAN.

| My personal drat repo then will remain for personal toolkit delivery.

Sounds like a plan.


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