[R] insert hyperlink into svg graphic

Rusty Travis ru@ytr@v|@19 @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Tue Mar 7 01:47:20 CET 2023


I am creating plots of weather data and wish to include a link to the 
data source into a title() object in the plot. My syntax must be wrong 
though, as the hyperlink doesn't display, just the text and tags.

 > svg("/tmp/temps.svg", width=9, height=6)
 > #plot created here
 > title(sub="produced by Rusty Travis  \nusing data from <a 
xlink:href=https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/cdo-web/>test</a>  ", line=-1.5, adj=1)
 > dev.off()

The goal is to create a hyperlink of the word "test" in the above 
example. What is the correct syntax, please?

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