[R] VT-100 terminal escape sequences

Dennis Fisher ||@her @end|ng |rom p|e@@th@n@com
Sat Mar 4 23:36:23 CET 2023

R 4.2.1


I am using XOJO (formerly known as RealBasic) to create a GUI -- R code generates the text that appears in the GUI.

Recently, VT-100 terminal control escape sequences appeared in the text, e.g.,:
         [?25h  TEXT
    [?25h[?25h	TEXT
It is not clear to me if the problem is generated by R or by XOJO.  And I did not track whether this began following installation of a new version of R or of XOJO (with no changes in the underlying code for either).

Of note, when I run the R code in a terminal in OS X, those errant characters do not appear.

I would like the 
text to disappear.  

If the problem originates in XOJO, I assume that there is nothing that can be done in R to solve the problem.  But, if there is something that can be done in my R code, it would be useful to know about it.


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