[R] nlmixr2 installation problems

Rui Barradas ru|pb@rr@d@@ @end|ng |rom @@po@pt
Sun Jul 16 17:21:48 CEST 2023

Às 12:55 de 16/07/2023, Troels Ring escreveu:
> Hi friends - Trying to install nlmixr2 caused problems. I'm on windows
> with R4.3.1 so made sure to have rtools 4.3 and also reinstalled R and then
> ran
> install.packages("nlmixr2",dependencies = TRUE)and got the
> responseInstalling package into
> ‘C:/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/R/win-library/4.3’ (as ‘lib’ is
> unspecified) also installing the dependencies ‘fs’, ‘rappdirs’, ‘bit’,
> ‘prettyunits’, ‘rematch’, ‘askpass’, ‘sass’, ‘commonmark’, ‘proxy’,
> ‘bit64’, ‘progress’, ‘rootSolve’, ‘lmom’, ‘cellranger’, ‘jsonlite’,
> ‘mime’, ‘openssl’, ‘htmlwidgets’, ‘ellipsis’, ‘bslib’, ‘fontawesome’,
> ‘jquerylib’, ‘tinytex’, ‘curl’, ‘markdown’, ‘jpeg’, ‘xml2’, ‘fastmap’,
> ‘e1071’, ‘generics’, ‘tidyselect’, ‘clipr’, ‘hms’, ‘vroom’, ‘cpp11’,
> ‘tzdb’, ‘stringi’, ‘purrr’, ‘mvtnorm’, ‘expm’, ‘rstudioapi’, ‘Exact’,
> ‘gld’, ‘readxl’, ‘httr’, ‘gridExtra’, ‘htmlTable’, ‘viridis’,
> ‘htmltools’, ‘base64enc’, ‘rmarkdown’, ‘Formula’, ‘bitops’, ‘evaluate’,
> ‘highr’, ‘xfun’, ‘yaml’, ‘numDeriv’, ‘lazyeval’, ‘optextras’, ‘dparser’,
> ‘RcppEigen’, ‘StanHeaders’, ‘sitmo’, ‘gridtext’, ‘cachem’,
> ‘RcppParallel’, ‘RApiSerialize’, ‘stringfish’, ‘classInt’, ‘dplyr’,
> ‘readr’, ‘stringr’, ‘tidyr’, ‘assertthat’, ‘binom’, ‘Deriv’,
> ‘DescTools’, ‘Hmisc’, ‘minpack.lm’, ‘pander’, ‘png’, ‘RCurl’,
> ‘backports’, ‘checkmate’, ‘knitr’, ‘lbfgsb3c’, ‘minqa’, ‘n1qn1’, ‘Rcpp’,
> ‘rex’, ‘Rvmmin’, ‘symengine’, ‘BH’, ‘RcppArmadillo’, ‘rxode2parse’,
> ‘rxode2random’, ‘data.table’, ‘digest’, ‘ggtext’, ‘PreciseSums’,
> ‘inline’, ‘memoise’, ‘sys’, ‘rxode2ll’, ‘rxode2et’, ‘qs’, ‘vpc’, ‘xgxr’,
> ‘nlmixr2data’, ‘nlmixr2est’, ‘nlmixr2extra’, ‘rxode2’, ‘lotri’,
> ‘nlmixr2plot’, ‘crayon’ There are binary versions available but the
> source versions are later: binary source needs_compilation sass 0.4.6
> 0.4.7 TRUE openssl 2.0.6 2.1.0 TRUE
> - and nothing more happened But when trying to install sass and openssl
> individually the same announcement of later source versions appeared
> without making it possible to ask for recompilation. All best wishes Troels
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Maybe this [1] is relevant.


Hope this helps,

Rui Barradas

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