[R] nlmixr2 installation problems

Troels Ring tr|ng @end|ng |rom gvdnet@dk
Sun Jul 16 13:55:25 CEST 2023

Hi friends - Trying to install nlmixr2 caused problems. I'm on windows 
with R4.3.1 so made sure to have rtools 4.3 and also reinstalled R and then


install.packages("nlmixr2",dependencies = TRUE)and got the 
responseInstalling package into 
‘C:/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/R/win-library/4.3’ (as ‘lib’ is 
unspecified) also installing the dependencies ‘fs’, ‘rappdirs’, ‘bit’, 
‘prettyunits’, ‘rematch’, ‘askpass’, ‘sass’, ‘commonmark’, ‘proxy’, 
‘bit64’, ‘progress’, ‘rootSolve’, ‘lmom’, ‘cellranger’, ‘jsonlite’, 
‘mime’, ‘openssl’, ‘htmlwidgets’, ‘ellipsis’, ‘bslib’, ‘fontawesome’, 
‘jquerylib’, ‘tinytex’, ‘curl’, ‘markdown’, ‘jpeg’, ‘xml2’, ‘fastmap’, 
‘e1071’, ‘generics’, ‘tidyselect’, ‘clipr’, ‘hms’, ‘vroom’, ‘cpp11’, 
‘tzdb’, ‘stringi’, ‘purrr’, ‘mvtnorm’, ‘expm’, ‘rstudioapi’, ‘Exact’, 
‘gld’, ‘readxl’, ‘httr’, ‘gridExtra’, ‘htmlTable’, ‘viridis’, 
‘htmltools’, ‘base64enc’, ‘rmarkdown’, ‘Formula’, ‘bitops’, ‘evaluate’, 
‘highr’, ‘xfun’, ‘yaml’, ‘numDeriv’, ‘lazyeval’, ‘optextras’, ‘dparser’, 
‘RcppEigen’, ‘StanHeaders’, ‘sitmo’, ‘gridtext’, ‘cachem’, 
‘RcppParallel’, ‘RApiSerialize’, ‘stringfish’, ‘classInt’, ‘dplyr’, 
‘readr’, ‘stringr’, ‘tidyr’, ‘assertthat’, ‘binom’, ‘Deriv’, 
‘DescTools’, ‘Hmisc’, ‘minpack.lm’, ‘pander’, ‘png’, ‘RCurl’, 
‘backports’, ‘checkmate’, ‘knitr’, ‘lbfgsb3c’, ‘minqa’, ‘n1qn1’, ‘Rcpp’, 
‘rex’, ‘Rvmmin’, ‘symengine’, ‘BH’, ‘RcppArmadillo’, ‘rxode2parse’, 
‘rxode2random’, ‘data.table’, ‘digest’, ‘ggtext’, ‘PreciseSums’, 
‘inline’, ‘memoise’, ‘sys’, ‘rxode2ll’, ‘rxode2et’, ‘qs’, ‘vpc’, ‘xgxr’, 
‘nlmixr2data’, ‘nlmixr2est’, ‘nlmixr2extra’, ‘rxode2’, ‘lotri’, 
‘nlmixr2plot’, ‘crayon’ There are binary versions available but the 
source versions are later: binary source needs_compilation sass 0.4.6 
0.4.7 TRUE openssl 2.0.6 2.1.0 TRUE
- and nothing more happened But when trying to install sass and openssl 
individually the same announcement of later source versions appeared 
without making it possible to ask for recompilation. All best wishes Troels

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