[R] Is there a canonical way to pronounce CRAN?

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It would be nice in some ways if everyone would pronounce the same word in the same way, but then we could not argue over the correct pronunciation of words like tomato or aluminium/aluminum. I think of cran as "Kran". While I had German in high school I didnn't remember the German word for crane, so I did not consciously make any connection. I thought more of words like crunch, crouch, or crayfish to help pronounce cran. "Sea-Ran" also makes some sense, but it makes me wonder if the tide is going out or coming back in. Possibly many think of this like C-Span (C-Span.org). That would make even more sense if we had C-Ran rather than CRAN. I'll just leave "Sea-Run" alone. 

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I have always pronounced it as See-ran. This probably stems from my exposure to other archive like CPAN (perl) and CTAN (TeX) that I have been exposed to. Obviously the latter two acronyms are unpronounceable as words so I generalized the approach to CRAN.


> On May 4, 2022, at 7:20 AM, Roland Rau via R-help <r-help using r-project.org> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I talked with colleagues this morning and we realized that some people (=me) pronounce CRAN like the German word "Kran" (probably pronounced like "cruhn" in English -- if it was a word).
> My colleague pronounced it as "Sea-Ran" or "Sea-Run". The colleague was a student and has worked at the same institution as an R Core Developer and heard it from him personally.
> So now I am puzzled. Have I been wrong about 43% of my life? ;-)
> Honestly: Is there a unique way how the core developers prounounce CRAN?
> Not an urgent question at all but maybe interesting to many of us.
> Thanks,
> Roland
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