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Your need is quite common and base R has ways to do it too. This forum supposedly focuses on more basic base R. I am sure someone will gladly tell you how to do it that way.
For dplyr just go long:
The vignette may be an easier read:

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The header of my data set is:
Time_stamp    P1A0B0D    P190-90D
Jun-10 10:34    -0.000208    -0.000195
Jun-10 10:51    -0.000228    -0.000188
Jun-10 11:02    -0.000234    -0.000204
Jun-10 11:17    -0.00022    -0.000205
Jun-10 11:25    -0.000238    -0.000195

I want my data set to resemble:

Time_stamp    Location    Measurement
Jun-10 10:34    P1A0B0D    -0.000208
Jun-10 10:51    P1A0B0D    -0.000228
Jun-10 11:02    P1A0B0D    -0.000234
Jun-10 11:17    P1A0B0D    -0.00022
Jun-10 11:25    P1A0B0D    -0.000238
Jun-10 10:34    P190-90D    -0.000195
Jun-10 10:51    P190-90D    -0.000188
Jun-10 11:02    P190-90D    -0.000204
Jun-10 11:17    P190-90D    -0.000205
Jun-10 11:25    P190-90D    -0.000195

I need some advice on how to do this using dplyr.

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