[R] KeyboardSimulator mouse.get_cursor() Not Working

Sparks, John j@p@rk4 @end|ng |rom u|c@edu
Mon Oct 25 17:36:07 CEST 2021


I tried using the mouse.get_cursor() function in the KeyboardSimulator library but it appears to no longer be working.

When I first tried it I got an error message

Error in get_cursor() :

  function 'Rcpp_precious_remove' not provided by package 'Rcpp'.

I installed and loaded the Rcpp library and then why I try the get_cursor() function it freezes my Windows gui version of R.

My Sys.info() is shown below.

Any help would be appreciated.

--John Sparks,

> Sys.info()
       sysname        release        version       nodename        machine          login
     "Windows"       "10 x64"  "build 19043"    "SPARKS-PC"       "x86-64"      "JSparks"
          user effective_user
     "JSparks"      "JSparks"

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