[R] "global parameter" warning using data.table in package.

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Fri Mar 5 14:25:16 CET 2021


  I am converting a couple of functions into a R-package. Many of the
functions use data.table.
  I have two questions using data.table in my own package.
  Normally I would put each question in separate emails but I think they
might be connected.

First question is short and I think the answer is yes.
1. Do I always need to prefix data.table each time I use something from
that package?
Eg. DT <- data.table::data.table(x=rep(c("b","a","c"),each=3), y=c(1,3,6),

Second question is longer.
2.  In this small example code:
hello <- function() {
  DT <- data.table::data.table(x=rep(c("b","a","c"),each=3), y=c(1,3,6),
  DT[, .(sum(v))]

I get these warnings from R CMD check:
hello: no visible global function definition for ‘.’
hello: no visible binding for global variable ‘v’
Undefined global functions or variables:
  . v

According to: vignette("datatable-importing", package = "data.table")
The solution is
hello <- function() {
  v <- NULL
  . <- NULL

And it works but looks a bit weird.
Is there a better solution?


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