[R] rmarkdown and source call to R file.

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Fri Jan 22 08:57:29 CET 2021

This is off topic here... please read the Posting Guide about getting help on contributed packages.  Check out the RStudio forums.

FWIW you should also look carefully at ?knitr::knit_global ... I don't think it does what you seem to think it does.

On January 21, 2021 10:49:17 PM PST, Georgios via R-help <r-help using r-project.org> wrote:
>I'm new in R and this list.
>I made a shiny app using R studio.
>my files are:
>   -server.R
>   -ui.R
>   -helper.R
>   -Report.Rmd.
>All the files are on the same directory and helper.R is a file that
>contains a lot of functions used in Report.Rmd and server.R
>for some reason I cant call from Report.Rmd the file helper.R
>My code in Report.Rmd is
>   ## Summarize table
>   ```{r, echo=FALSE}
>   library(knitr)
>   source("helper.R", local = knitr::knit_global())
>   summarized_table<-give_table(params$ldf_summary)
>   kable(summarized_table,"simple")
>   ```
>If I use absolute path it works but since I want to upload it to 
>https://www.shinyapps.io/ I must make it work with relative path.
>The message I get is:
>   processing file: Report.Rmd
>   |..........................                                         
>                                        |  25%
>     ordinary text without R code
>   |....................................................               
>                                        |  50%
>   label: unnamed-chunk-1 (with options) 
>   List of 1
>    $ echo: logi FALSE
>   Quitting from lines 13-17 (Report.Rmd) 
>   Warning: Error in file: cannot open the connection
>     [No stack trace available]
>The funny thing is that if I put the cursor inside "" at the beginning
>and I press tab I get the option to choose helper.R. So Im guessing
>that I'm on the right directory.
>Any ideas what I'm missing?
>I'm stuck on this lines of code 2 days now.
>I would really appreciate
>any ideas.
>Thanks in advance for your help!!!
>ps. I tried all the combinations in Tools->Global Options-> "Evaluate
>chunks in directory" with no luck.
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