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I think Parrot is a distribution of Linux, which would likely use the bash command shell.

The saved workspace would be in a file named ".RData" in whatever the current directory was when you quit R. Many experienced users of R avoid creating such files as mistakes from old sessions can come back to haunt you.

Most users of R use a plain text editor to edit R scripts. Saving R scripts from within R is not a typical use pattern. You can execute your R script from the R prompt using the source() function. Many people these days use RStudio to simplify this interaction.

It is encouraging to hear that you are enjoying your experience with w3schools.com. Do rely on their support for learning R, as there is a no homework policy on this mailing list. (Do read the Posting Guide mentioned below, which warns you that this list is plain text only and sending HTML can make your email very nearly unreadable in some cases.)

To learn advanced R, a very good book by that name written by Hadley Wickham exists also as a free website, so search for it. Note that most "advanced" users of R have expertise in science and/or statistics to support their calculation choices in R, so do try to augment your R education with other disciplines as well.

On January 20, 2021 8:00:34 AM PST, Imran Shimanto <imranshimanto69 using gmail.com> wrote:
>Dear Sir,
>How can i find the save workplace what i was practiced on parrot os
>How can i save program on parrot terminal and how i can find the saved
>I am learning R from W3schools.com and i am enjoying that. After that
>can i learn advance R ?
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