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Wed Jan 20 17:08:33 CET 2021


I have a big database where one-third of the data is in a different date
format than the rest. I'll add an example table to show you.

| plot         | observer          | date            |
| 1             | K                      | 31012020  |
| 2             | K                      | 07022020  |
| 3             | B                      | 01282020  |
| 4             | B                      | 01292020  |
So I have two different date formats; the first is in d m y while the other
one is in m d y.

My question is how can I change all the date data into the same format?
Preferably in dd/mm/yy. (31-01-2020)
I know I could use:
d$date <- as.Date(d$date, format = "%d%m%Y")
d$date <- as.Date(d$date, format = "%m%d%Y")

but I can only do one and then it doesn't work. Is there a way i can use
the first line for the date of observer K and the other line for the date
of observer B?


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