[R] Script Run Output Capturing

Stephen H. Dawson, DSL @erv|ce @end|ng |rom @hd@w@on@com
Thu Dec 23 12:03:57 CET 2021


I need to capture the output in a physical file when I run an R script. 
I would like to capture the output as a TXT file. I am thinking 
something along the line of the tee command is what I am after, but I am 
not certain what I am after here.



Here is a syntax example of how I use the tee command on other efforts 
of life:
/bin/bash ./BackUp_script-v3.sh | tee -a ~/Desktop/script-run-Sunday-1.txt

Here is a syntax example of how I am running my R scripts now:
#R Studio Console

#Bash Terminal
#Rscript ./process/script-name.r

What command or function am I after to capture console and terminal output?

It would be best to also define the character encoding and line ending 
parameters of the TXT file. How do I amend my existing script run syntax 
to capture the said outputs?

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