[R] Model frame of lme objects

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Wed Mar 18 22:25:17 CET 2020

 From a linear model like `mod <- lm(y ~ x)`, I can obtain a data frame 
with all the variables involved in the model (in that case, `y` and `x`).

How could I get a similar data frame from an lme object, e.g. fitted as 
`mod <- lme(y ~ x, random=~1|g)` ?

I know that `getData` might work if the variables come from a data 
frame, but the result is `NULL` if it is not like that. And if there is 
a transformation (e.g. `lme(log(y)~x, ...)`), the result of `getData` 
gives the original, untransformed variable.

Kind regards

Helios De Rosario

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