[R] Analyzing Baseball Data With R

Phillip Heinrich herd_dog @end|ng |rom cox@net
Mon Mar 16 23:35:36 CET 2020

Can’t get past first step of Chapter 7 page 164.

Opened a new RStudio window.  Loaded tidyverse and keyed in library(tidyverse) which of course includes dplyr.  The working directory is: C:/Users/Owner/Documents.

Then keyed in: db <- src_sqlite(“data/pitchrx.sqlite”,create=TRUE)

And got the following error: Error: Could not connect to database:
                                            unable to open database file

Googled everything I could think of to find the sqlite function and the pitchrx.sqlite empty data base.  Can someone give me some direction?

I wondering if I have configured RStudio incorrectly.  Why doesn’t my by RStudio point to the correct data file?

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