[R] Error in Rose Method (class balancing)

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Thu Jul 23 00:43:23 CEST 2020


I get the following error when I use the ROSE class balancing method but
when I use other methods like SMOTE, up, down, I do not get any error

Something is wrong; all the ROC metric values are missing:

ROC Sens Spec

Min. : NA Min. : NA Min. : NA

1st Qu.: NA 1st Qu.: NA 1st Qu.: NA

Median : NA Median : NA Median : NA

Mean :NaN Mean :NaN Mean :NaN

3rd Qu.: NA 3rd Qu.: NA 3rd Qu.: NA

Max. : NA Max. : NA Max. : NA



index <- createDataPartition(d$`Bug class`, p = .70,list = FALSE)

tr <- d[index, ]

ts <- d[-index, ]

boot3 <- trainControl(method = "repeatedcv", number=10,
repeats=10,classProbs = TRUE,verboseIter = FALSE,

summaryFunction = twoClassSummary, sampling = "rose")


ct <- train(`Bug class` ~ ., data = tr,

method = "pls",

metric = "AUC",

preProc = c("center", "scale", "nzv"),

trControl = boot3)


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