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Sun Jul 19 20:18:50 CEST 2020

Hi all,

I am trying to make a plot based on stock market prices and the library
quantmod, imagine

BatchGetSymbols(‘^IBEX’, first.date = ‘1999-12-31’,
 last.date = ‘2020-12-07’)

The thing is I want to plot a plot that for each year on 31/12/year tthe
base is 100 and each day calvulate the cumulative returns so if on
01/01/year t+1 in one day stock climbs a 3% the Index values 103. I want to
plot for each day off the year to the end of the year a line (in fact would
be 20 lines) in the example from year 2000 to actual 2020.

Aditionally on the current year I want to plot the line more thig (dar) to
clearly distinguish It.

Do you know if there is some predefinited function to construct It.

Many thanks in advance

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