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Sun Jul 12 11:42:33 CEST 2020

Dear friends - I'm calculating buffer capacities by different methods and
need very high precision and package Rmpfr is working beautifully. However,
I have not been able to find out how to keep precision when finding


KA <- mpfr(10^-4.6, 128)

x <- rnorm(100)*KA

y <- rnorm(100)*x

cor(x,y) # "x" must be numeric

cor(as.numeric(x),as.numeric(y))# 0.2918954


In my concrete application I get cor = 1 for
cor(as.numeric(dff$BB),as.numeric(BBVS)) even though I have 


Class 'summaryMpfr' [package "Rmpfr"] of length 6 and precision 128
 4.61351010833e-8 7.33418976521e-7 1.31009046563e-5 3.76407022709e-5
5.72386764888e-5 ...


I am on windows 10

R version 3.6.1
Best wishes
Troels Ring,
Aalborg, Denmark



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