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Sun Jan 26 22:22:27 CET 2020

On 27/01/20 9:47 am, Sorkin, John wrote:

> Felix, I suggest you consider using an IDE such as RStudio as you
> develop and run R code. An integrated development environment will
> allow you to concentrate on learning R rather on the mechanics of
> running R in a non-standard environment.

I disagree.  Or rather, I would say that this is a matter of personal 
taste.  And personally I find that RStudio and its like just present 
another "learning curve" to climb.  I would much rather just write R 
code and get on with it.

I have never liked GUIs:

> GUIs normally make it simple to accomplish simple actions and
> impossible to accomplish complex actions.
>         --- Doug Gwyn
>             (22/Jun/91 in `comp.unix.wizards')

But as I say it's a matter of taste and inclination.  It is likely that 
Felix is among the overwhelming majority of users who prefer GUIs.


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