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Wed Feb 5 20:42:24 CET 2020

Pay attention to whether the read_csv call is configured to expect first line as header.

On February 5, 2020 11:09:01 AM PST, Thomas Subia <tsubia using imgprecision.com> wrote:
>I'm using readxl and dplyr to extract a specific cell from all
>worksheets in a directory.
>All of these worksheets have the same physical layout.
>Issue 1: Minus sign replaced by an X after data extraction.
>files <- list.files(pattern="*.xls", full.names = FALSE)
>avgs <- lapply(files, read_excel, sheet="Flow Data", range=("c9"))
>avg_list <- as.data.frame(avgs)
>trans_avgs <- t(avg_list)
>Here are the first lines of the avgs.txt file.
>The original Excel file contains
>It appears that readxl is changing the - sign to an X.
>Is there any feature in readxl which I can change so that readxl
>extracts the minus sign?
>Issue 2: Duplicate dates contain additional characters
>dates <- lapply(files, read_excel, sheet="Flow Data", range=("h14"))
>dates_list <- as.data.frame(dates)
>trans_dates <- t(dates_list)
>write.table(trans_dates ,"dates.txt")
>Here are the first lines of the dates.txt file.
>In Excel, this is what is recorded.
>It appears that readxl is adding additional characters which are
>signaling duplicate dates.
>Is there any feature in readxl which can I can change to eliminate
>these additional characters?
>Some advice would be appreciated.
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