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I'm using readxl and dplyr to extract a specific cell from all worksheets in a directory.
All of these worksheets have the same physical layout.

Issue 1: Minus sign replaced by an X after data extraction.


files <- list.files(pattern="*.xls", full.names = FALSE)
avgs <- lapply(files, read_excel, sheet="Flow Data", range=("c9"))
avg_list <- as.data.frame(avgs)
trans_avgs <- t(avg_list)

Here are the first lines of the avgs.txt file.

The original Excel file contains

It appears that readxl is changing the - sign to an X.
Is there any feature in readxl which I can change so that readxl extracts the minus sign?

Issue 2: Duplicate dates contain additional characters

dates <- lapply(files, read_excel, sheet="Flow Data", range=("h14"))
dates_list <- as.data.frame(dates)
trans_dates <- t(dates_list)
write.table(trans_dates ,"dates.txt")

Here are the first lines of the dates.txt file.


In Excel, this is what is recorded.


It appears that readxl is adding additional characters which are signaling duplicate dates.
Is there any feature in readxl which can I can change to eliminate these additional characters?

Some advice would be appreciated.

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