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Fri Dec 25 10:08:29 CET 2020


There are several things wrong with your code and they come from copying 
code found online without really understanding what it is doing.

1. To rbind NULL with any object will give that object, the NULL object 
will not matter. Therefore, rbind is doing pratically nothing. If the 
second object is a numeric vector, the return value will be that numeric 
vector coerced to matrix.

importance <- NULL
rbind(importance, <any numeric vector>)

2. As for the error message, it's saying that there are no methods


To see the methods for 'anova' run


Hope this helps,

Rui Barradas

Às 22:36 de 24/12/20, javed khan escreveu:
> Greetings to everyone
> I read online about this code:
>   importance=NULL
> m= glm (......)
>   imp= rbind(importance, anova(m, type="2", test="LR"))$"LR Chisq")
> but I am using caret:
> model <- train(act_effort ~ ., data = tr,
>                       method = "rpart",
>                       tuneLength = 15,
>                       metric = "RMSE",
>                       trControl = ctrl)
> And when I am using like the following,
> importance=NULL
> m= glm (......)
>   imp= rbind(importance, anova(model, type="2", test="LR"))$"LR Chisq")
> It gives me the error:
> Error in UseMethod("anova") :
>    no applicable method for 'anova' applied to an object of class
> "c('train', 'train.formula')"
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