[R] plotly: ability to drag points on x axis only and prevent change of y axis value

Andras Farkas motyoc@k@ @end|ng |rom y@hoo@com
Thu Dec 10 21:57:02 CET 2020


wonder if you could provide input on the following: please see toy example below, wanted to see if there is a way to have restrictions on how the points are dragged on the plot. More specifically I would like the points draggable horizontally ONLY and have their y axis value remain fixed, ie the movement vertically would be restricted and no change allowed to that direction for each point? much appreciate any input you may have,


# creates a list of 32 circle shapes (one for each row/car)
circles <- map2(
    type = "circle",
    # anchor circles at (mpg, wt)
    xanchor = .x,
    yanchor = .y,
    # give each circle a 2 pixel diameter
    x0 = -5, x1 = 5,
    y0 = -5, y1 = 5,
    xsizemode = "pixel", 
    ysizemode = "pixel",
    # other visual properties
    fillcolor = "blue",
    line = list(color = "transparent")

plot_ly() %>%
  layout(shapes = circles) %>%
  config(edits = list(shapePosition = TRUE))

appreciate the help,



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