[R] Help with connection issue for R (just joined, leading R for our agency)

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Tue Dec 8 19:48:29 CET 2020

Dear fellow R users,

Greetings, I am new to this list. I joined because I am pioneering the use
of R for the agency I work for. I essentially work alone and would like to
reach out for help on an issue I have been having. Here it is:

   - From one day to the next, my RStudio does not execute commands when I
   press ctrl + enter. Nothing happens, and then after a few minutes out of
   nowhere, it runs everything at once. This makes it very hard to do my work.
   - I tried uninstalling and re-installing both R and Rstudio, but the
   error comes up again. I tested commands on my R program alone, and it works
   fine there. It could be the way that Rstudio connects to R.
   - I am on a Windows 10 computer. I work for a government agency so there
   may be a few firewall/virus protection issues.

I would love any pointers.

Thank you,


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