[R] How to combine the results of different survey?

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Mon Jun 3 16:50:11 CEST 2019

I have results of different surveys (years) for different species that I called NAMA. I want to combining the results of those different surveys to produce one overall result by using meta-analysis

I tried to implement my data using the R package metaplus. I used as Vector of observed effect sizes corresponding to each study (yi) the years (colomns). I used as Vector of character strings corresponding to each study (slab) the species (lines).

note: I don't have Vector of observed standard errors corresponding to each study (sei)

NAMA.meta <- metaplus(yi= 2011 ~ 2019, slab = 1 ~ 113, data=NAMA)

The expected results should be the parameter estimates & forest plot. However, I receive an error message:

Error in terms.formula(object, data = data) :

  terme incorrect dans une formule de mod�le

In addition: Warning message:

In metaplus(yi = 2011 ~ 2019, slab = 1 ~ 113, data = NAMA) :

  Very few studies. Solution may be unstable.

Thanks for your help,


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