[R] draw borders of bars inside of the rectangles in a barplot

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As I read ?barplot, the answer is no. I suspect the same is true in ggplot
and lattice, but you would have to check. If correct, this means you would
explicitly have to use the "width" argument to narrow or widen the bars
appropriately. Or maybe try something like:

barplot(x, beside=T, border= "black", space=c(0.08,1), col=rep(c('gray50',



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> Dear R-users,
> I want to draw a barplot with beside=TRUE.
> One halve of the bars are drawn with a border, while the other halve are
> drawn without a border (i.e. filled bars vs. non-filled bars next to each
> other).
> Because borders are drawn around the bars, doing this leads to one halve
> of the bars being wider than the other halve, expanding across the 0-point
> of the y-axis.
> This problem emerges especially with small figures and rather large border
> width.
> Now my question:
> Is there a way to draw the border inside of the bars instead of
> surrounding the bars? (similar to border-drawing options in graphics
> software, like photoshop or inkscape).
> Here some example code:
> x <- matrix(c(1:10), 2,5)
> par(lwd = 5)
> barplot(x, beside=T, border=rep(c(NA, 'black'),5), space=c(0.08,1),
> col=rep(c('black', 'white'),5))
> Thank you!
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