[R] Split a data.frame

Christofer Bogaso bog@@o@chri@tofer @ending from gm@il@com
Sat May 19 13:07:06 CEST 2018


I am struggling to split a data.frame as will below scheme :

DF = data.frame(name = c('a', 'v', 'c'), val = 0); DF

split_str = c('a', 'c')

Now, for each element in split_str, R should find which row of DF contains
that element, and return DF with all rows starting from next row of the
corresponding element and ending with the preceding value of the next

So in my case, I should see 2 data.frames

1st data-frame with name = 'v' (i.e. 2nd row of DF)

2nd data.frame with number_of_rows as 0 (as there is no row left after 'c')

Similarly if split_str = c('v'') then, my 2 data.frames will be

1st data.frame with name = 'a'
2nd data.frame with name = 'c'

Any idea how to efficiently implement above scheme would be highly
appreciated. I tried with split() function, however, it is not giving the
right answer.


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