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Fri Jun 1 00:37:38 CEST 2018

Hi R help,
I wanted to simulate two pool model (A&B) using deSolve package for time 0 to 12 by 1.  Initial values of the state variables are A=5, B=3. The fluxes are as follows1) Flux into A= 5 units per unit time 2) Flux from A to B= 0.33) Flux out of A=0.1 4) Flux from B to A=0.35) Flux out of B=0.3
Here is the R code I compiled to estimate the size of A and B and graph the output
# Define time sequence from 0 to 12 by 1
time <- seq(0,12, by=1)
# Define the function 
Mod <- function (t, parms){  derivs <- function(t, state, parms){    with(as.list (c(state, parms)), {            #Fluxes            inA <- kinA      AtoB <- kAtoB*A      Aout <- kAout*A      inB <- kinB      BtoA <- kBtoA*B      Bout <- kBout*B            # Rate of change      dA <- inA+BtoA-AtoB-Aout      dB <- inB+AtoB-BtoA-Bout                  return (list (c(dA, dB)))    })  }    #Step 4: Define some starting values for the pools    state <- c(A=5, B=3)     return (ode(y=state, times=t,func=derivs, parms=parms, method="rk4"))}
# Starting values of fluxes/parameterspars <- c(kinA=5, kAtoB=0.3, kAout=0.1, kinB=2, kBtoA=0.3, kBout=0.3)
#Model results
Mod(time, pars)data <- data.frame(Mod(time, pars))plot(Mod(time, pars))
The result does not look right. I could not figure out where I made a mistake in compiling code.  
Any help is highly appreciated. 
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