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Fri Jun 1 03:46:16 CEST 2018

Your lack of permissions is highly operating-system-specific and local-policy-specific and therefore outside the scope of this mailing list... I suggest you have a conversation with your system administrator(s). Insuring the ability to run R code when the admin is not cooperating is not really something we can help with. (Some systems are configured to prevent any executables from running off removable media at all.)

You should also read


as well as the R Installation and Administration manual.

On May 31, 2018 6:02:35 AM PDT, BEDIRHAN CALDIR <bcaldir using ku.edu.tr> wrote:
>I'm having an issue with R package configurations which I thought the
>community would help me. I have two softwares written in R, DECoN and
>panelcn.mops, and need to run both of them isolated. The problem is
>that I
>couldn't install them onto neither the OS with the sudo permissions nor
>home folder of a specific user with the right permissions. What I need
>making them as portable as possible by installing R-related packages
>separately once and for all, so that I can run any of them even from a
>drive where no further R installation would be required. I'll run both
>them from Python as a subprocess.
>I'd appreciate any suggession to overcome this issue. Thank you in

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