[R] Suppress horizontal mean line in beanplot()

Samuel Knapp samuel.knapp at tum.de
Tue Feb 13 19:31:49 CET 2018


I would like to use the beanplot() function from the beanplot package. 
Unfortunately, I can't find out how to suppress the dashed horizontal 
line, that shows the overall mean.

In the help I've found the argument "overallline", but it only allows 
for "mean" or "median" .

I have tried overallline = F, overallline="n", and overallline="", but 
without success.

Strangely, I could also not find any suggestions on the internet.

Does anybody know how to do this?



## Example code using the dataset InsectSprays from datasets package


beanplot(count ~ spray, data = InsectSprays)

# How to remove the dashed horizonal line?

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