[R] Syntax highlighting

Sigbert Klinke sigbert at wiwi.hu-berlin.de
Tue Feb 13 09:18:33 CET 2018


I would like know if there are any plans for some "standardized" syntax 
highlighting of R code?

* Currently I'm using minted for my LaTeX slides with pygmentize and I 
do not know what scheme is used for highlighting the R code.
* RStudio uses (as default) TextMate (Text editor for MacOS) 
highlighting for R code.
* The R package "highr" just defines CSS classes and does not provide 
any default CSS file, but embeds andre simons Highlight 3.42 Software

Of course, for my students I would like to have approximately the same 
highlighting in the slides, in RStudio and in shiny.

Best Sigbert


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