[R] need help for finding related sales with R

Дмитрий Перепечин winterheart2005 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 07:40:08 CEST 2017

Hello everyone. Could you please help me? I need to do some sales analysis
and i'm stuk.

I've got a dataset that contains next information:

Sales_department; sales_manager; Client; transaction ID; Product (SKU),
 Cost, Gross income, Profitability

Ineed to perfom an ABC analysis (by the Cost of sold products to this
client) to find the A clients of each manager, i'm doing it this way:

managers_ABC <- svod %>%
  group_by(Sales_department, sales_manager, Client) %>%
  summarise("Clients_cost" = sum(Cost,na.rm = TRUE)) %>%
  arrange(sales_manager, desc(Clients_cost)) %>%
  group_by(sales_manager) %>%
  mutate("total_sales_of_a_manager" = sum(Clients_cost),
            "Accumulated_sales" = cumsum(`Clients_cost`),
            "Accumulated_sales_share" =
  ungroup() %>%
  mutate("managers_ABC  = if_else(Accumulated_sales_share < 0.8, "A",
                                          if_else(Accumulated_sales_share <
0.95, "B","C")))

So, here we come to the main problem: i need to add 3 more columnes with
the SKU statuses:

if the the SKU is in top 20% of clients sales by Cost, Gross_income and
Profitability, than it is a "cGSKU" (clients gold SKU)

if the SKU is not gold, but occurs in 50% of transaction IDs with cGSKU,
than it is a "cMSKU" (clients must have SKU).

So i dont know how to realize this. I think it must be  some cind a cycle.
Could you please help me to write one?

And is there any more simple method perfom an ABC analysis by any criterion
(for example ABC by sales_manager or sales_department)

thank you!

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