[R] [FORGED] bootstrapping results in table format

Rolf Turner r.turner at auckland.ac.nz
Sat Oct 7 22:32:36 CEST 2017

On 07/10/17 12:16, Peter Wagey wrote:
> Hi R users,
> I was struggling to put the results into table format. Would you mind to
> show using following data and code how we can put the results into table? I
> further would like to have a  confidence interval for each group.
> set.seed(1000)
> data <- as.data.table(list(x1 = runif(200), x2 = runif(200), group =
> runif(200)>0.5))
> data.frame(data)
> head(data)
> stat <- function(x, i) {x[i, c(m1 = mean(x1))]}
> A<-data[, list(list(boot(.SD, stat, R = 10))), by = group]$V1

(1) Don't post in html.

(2) Don't send code that makes use of packages that you don't mention
(in this case "data.table").

(3) Don't use "data" as the name of a data object.  There is a base 
function called "data" whence you run the risk of getting toadally 
incomprehensible error messages as the result of certain syntax errors.
Also see fortune("dog").


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