[R] Please help(urgent) - How to simulate transactional data for reliability/survival analysis

sandeep Rana sandykido at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 16:58:26 CEST 2017

Hi friends, 
I haven't done such a simulation before and any help would be greatly appreciated. I need your guidance.

I need to simulate end to end data for Reliability/survival analysis of a Pump ,with correlation in place, that is at 'Transactional level' or at the granularity of time-minutes, where each observation is a reading captured via Pump's sensors each minute.
Once transactional data is prepared I Then need to summarise above data for reliability/ survival analysis. 

To begin with below is the transactional data format that i want prepare: 
Pump-id| Timestamp | temp | vibration | suction pressure| discharge pressure | Flow 

Above transactional data has to be prepared with below failure modes
Defects :
(1)    Cavitation – very high in frequency but low impact
(2)    Bearing Damage – very low in frequency but high impact
(3)    Worn Shaft – medium frequency but medium impact

I have used survsim package but that's not what I need here. 
Please help and guide. 


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