[R] modEvA D-squared for gamma glm

Aanchal Sharma aanchalsharma833 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 16:22:33 CEST 2017

Hi All,

I am running a generalized linear model with gamma distribution in R (glm,
family=gamma ) for my data (gene expression as response variable and few
predictors). I want to calculate r-squared for this model.

I have been reading online about it and found there are multiple formulas
for calculating R2 (psuedo) for glm (in R) with gaussian (r2 from linear
model), logistic regression (1-deviance/null deviance), poisson
distribution (using pR2 in pscl package, D-squared value from modEvA R
package). But I could not find anything specific to gamma distributions.

Can pscl and modEVA packages be used for gamma distributions as well? or
there is any other formula for doing the same?




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