[R] Question about correlation

SEB140004 Student chinyi at siswa.um.edu.my
Wed Jul 5 03:27:09 CEST 2017


Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss,

OTU ID Health Disease
Bacterial 1 0.29 0.34
Bacterial 2 0.25 0.07
Bacterial 3 0.06 0.06
Bacterial 4 0.07 0.09
Bacterial 5 0.02 0.05
Above show the first 6 data sets, may I ask that the reason of R show the
error like "Error in cor(data) : 'x' must be numeric" ? And how to solve
it? Besides, isn't this data can conduct correlation matrix?

Moreover, isn't this data sets can be plot into network? If can, which
package should I use?

Thank you.

Best regards,
Kang Chin Yi

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