[R] How is label parameter used in text() when passing it a vector?

mviljamaa mviljamaa at kapsi.fi
Thu Oct 20 19:33:38 CEST 2016

I have a slight doubt with using text() with the label parameter having 
to contain a vector of of integers (specifically integers in the range 
[1, 21] corresponding to factors of my categorical variable that I want 
to numbers to tell).

What I'm currently plotting is the following command:

text(dta[trt == 0 & skin == 1 & gender == 0,]$age,invlogit(predict(fit5, 
newdata=dta[trt == 0 & skin == 1 & gender == 0,])),label=1:21, col = 
dta[trt == 0 & skin == 1 & gender == 0,]$exposure)

(it's a plot of a logistic model)

$exposure is the categorical variable that takes values of integers in 
the range [1, 21]. The coloring seems to work, but I'm not sure whether 
label=1:21 makes it so that it actually labels the point with the 
corresponding exposure level or whether it just walks through 1 to 21 
and 1 to 21 over and over again.

Can someone explain?

Also how can I get the label parameter to put the number of the level of 
the exposure as the corresponding point?

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