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Preetam Pal lordpreetam at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 10:13:44 CEST 2016


Can you please help me with the following output formatting:
I am planning to include 2 plots and some general description in a one-page
PDF document, such that

   - I'll leave some appropriate margin on the PDF- say, 1.5 inches
   top,right, bottom and left (will decide based on overall appearance)
   - the 2 plots are placed side-by-side (looks best for comparison)
   - the margins for each plot can be 4 lines on the top and the bottom &
    2 lines on the left and the right
   - each of these 2 plots would have time (0 to 260) along x-axis and two
   time-series (daily USD-GBP and USD-EUR FX rates) on the y-axis, i.e. 2
   time-series would be plotted on each of the 2 graphs. I would need a
   different color for each plot to demarcate them
   - I need to add some text (eg: "Independent analysis of Exchange Rate
   dynamics") with reduced font size (not high priority though-just good to
   have a different size)
   - The general discussion (may be a paragraph) would come right below the
   2 plots - I can specify this text as an argument in a function, may be. I
   am not sure how to arrange the entire PDF as per the format I mentioned

I shall really appreciate any help with this - the time series analysis is
not difficult, I can manage that - however, I don't know how to manage the
formatting part though, so that the 1-pager output looks decently
presentable. Thanks.


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