[R] readWorksheetFromFile error message: invalid 'envir' argument

jpm miao miaojpm at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 04:18:56 CET 2016


   I try to read a large xlsx file from by the function
"readWorksheetFromFile" in "XLConnect" package. Sometimes it works, but
sometimes it gives an error message. When it does not work and I try to run
the program line by line (in RStudio), then it would sometimes work, but
sometimes it does not. When it does not run,  restarting RStudio sometimes
works. How can I fix the problem?

> date_col<-readWorksheetFromFile("dt-160FXO_many_xyz_data.xlsx", sheet=2,
Error in ls(envir = envir, all.names = private) :
  invalid 'envir' argument


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