[R] yuen function of the WRS2 package

Bert Gunter bgunter.4567 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 00:06:25 CEST 2016


To be clear, I know nothing about this package, but the following may
be helpful for those who do:

1. What exacty was the error message that you received? Or was it a
warning? "cannot read" may be too vague to allow others to respond.

2. ?maintainer to find the package maintainer. It may be necessary to
contact them directly with the problem.


Bert Gunter

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On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 2:07 PM, James Henson <jfhenson1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings R community,
> Here is a small but perplexing problem with the ‘yuen’ function in the
> ‘WRS2’ package.
> I begin with the ‘eurosoccer’ data frame from the ‘WRS2’ package.
> Then make a subset that contains only two Leagues Spain and Germany
> (subset data frame is ‘SpainGer’).   The ‘yuen’ function cannot read
> the data in subset data frame ‘SpainGer’.  My code is below.
> Thanks you for your help.
> James F. Henson
> # Examples from 'Robust Statistical Methods on R Using the WRS2 Package’
> # Robust t-test, and ANOVA (pages5-13)
> library(WRS2)
> data("eurosoccer")
> class(eurosoccer)
> print(eurosoccer)
> library("digest")
> library("DT")
> datatable(eurosoccer)
> str(eurosoccer)
> # make a subset with only Spain and Germany
> SpainGer <- subset (eurosoccer, subset = League =="Spain" | League == "Germany")
> print(SpainGer)
> class(SpainGer)
> str(SpainGer)
> # The 'yuen' function can not read the data in the subset data.frame "SpainGer"
> yuen(GoalsGame ~ League, tr=0.2, data = SpainGer)
> # the 'yuen' function works on the orginioal data.frame
> yuen(GoalsGame ~ League, tr=0.2, data = eurosoccer)
> # the 'aov' function reads the data in the subset data.frame "SpainGer"
> Goals.fit <- aov(GoalsGame ~ League, data = SpainGer)
> summary(Goals.fit)
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