[R] plot circles where z values are circles radius

Kehl Dániel kehld at ktk.pte.hu
Fri Jan 23 22:27:11 CET 2015


see the help and especially the argument inches:

Argument inches controls the sizes of the symbols. If TRUE (the default), the symbols are scaled so that the largest dimension of any symbol is one inch. If a positive number is given the symbols are scaled to make largest dimension this size in inches (so TRUE and 1 are equivalent). If inches is FALSE, the units are taken to be those of the appropriate axes. (For circles, squares and stars the units of the x axis are used. For boxplots, the lengths of the whiskers are regarded as dimensions alongside width and height when scaling by inches, and are otherwise interpreted in the units of the y axis.)



xlims =c(min(x),max(x))
ylims =c(min(y),max(y))

symbols(x,y, circles=z,  fg='red', inches=FALSE)

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Tárgy: [R] plot circles where z values are circles radius

Hi there,
I am trying to plot z values using Circle symbol. Each x and y has a value
which will be plotted using a circle where circle's radius is corrlated
with the value of z.

I wrote the code , but unable to change the size of circle no matter what I
chose for Scale. Any help please?

x=c(84390255386 ,84390255386, 78028317380 ,53594648044,422)
y=c(949849442 ,941645043, 840135292, 74, 821632939)
z=c(0.005641896, 0.005641896 ,0.005641896, 0.007978846,0.007978846)



xlims =c(min(x),max(x))
ylims =c(min(y),max(y))

symbols(x,y, circles=z,  fg='red')


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