[R] plot circles where z values are circles radius

Dr. Alireza Zolfaghari ali.zolfaghari at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 22:12:09 CET 2015

Hi there,
I am trying to plot z values using Circle symbol. Each x and y has a value
which will be plotted using a circle where circle's radius is corrlated
with the value of z.

I wrote the code , but unable to change the size of circle no matter what I
chose for Scale. Any help please?

x=c(84390255386 ,84390255386, 78028317380 ,53594648044,422)
y=c(949849442 ,941645043, 840135292, 74, 821632939)
z=c(0.005641896, 0.005641896 ,0.005641896, 0.007978846,0.007978846)



xlims =c(min(x),max(x))
ylims =c(min(y),max(y))

symbols(x,y, circles=z,  fg='red')


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