[R] R and R Studio - Problem with the package xlsx

Anh Vo nanh.vothi at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 17:36:32 CET 2014

Dear list,


I'm running windows 7 with R i386 3.1.2. I'm trying to load a excel
spreadsheet into R using the xlsx package. I posted my code below with the
error I got.


[R Studio]

> library(xlsx)
> quiz1q3data <- read.xlsx("quiz1q3.xlsx",sheetIndex=1,header=FALSE)
Error in .jcall("RJavaTools", "Ljava/lang/Object;", "invokeMethod", cl,  : 
  java.util.zip.ZipException: invalid code -- missing end-of-block


With [R], it was even worse as I could not load the rJava package which the
xlsx library depends on.


Has anyone an idea what's going wrong?


Thanks in advance,


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