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Wed Nov 19 17:18:14 CET 2014


I have two groups of persons, GRP0 and GRP1, on which I measured three
continuous variables: VAR1, VAR2 and VAR3.

I would like to use Mancova in R with:
- VAR1, VAR2 and VAR3 as outcome variables
- GRP={0,1} as predictor variable
- age and gender = {F,M} as covariates

What would be the correct way to formulate this model in R?

Also, since the VAR1, VAR2 and VAR3 measures were carried out on the
same persons at N=100 instances which were serially correlated, I
would like to apply permutation-based multiple-comparison correction
on the N=100 MANCOVA results I would obtain. Any help on this matter
as well would be fantastic.

Best wishes,


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