[R] Problem with barplot

Marc Girondot marc_grt at yahoo.fr
Sat Jan 11 09:50:25 CET 2014

Le 10/01/2014 21:41, Clemence Germaine a écrit :
> Hi
> I’m using bar plot function
> And I have in my data some zero, but my data are numerics and when i try to use bar plot i have a warning message of « NA was introduced during the automatic conversion » and i can’t see my bar plot.
> So if somebody have an idea for that?
> Thanks
> clémence
> ______________________________________________
barplot(c(9, 0, 7, 0, 9)) works perfectly for me.
You must send a reproducible exemple to have some help.
For example if you data are in dat object, perform:
dput(dat) and send in the list the result of this command.


Marc Girondot

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