[R] Multiple corrgrams or joining jpg/png

Georg Hörmann ghoermann at hydrology.uni-kiel.de
Wed Jan 22 22:40:39 CET 2014

Hello world,

I have a database with time series of concentration of nutrients for 
several lakes. I wanted *one* corrgram for each
nutrient in all lakes (correlation of a single nutrient content of all 
lakes in different years). The single corrgram works pretty well,
but I cannot create a page with all nutrients on one page, i.e.
several corrgrams on one page. The usual mfrow and layout
commands do not work (splom has the same problem).
I wonder if anyone already has a solution.

A workaround would be to write a single jpg/png for each corrgram
and join them. Is there a possibility to do this *automatically* or even 
*within* R? (I do not want to align 300 figures manually :-)

Merci and greetings,

Georg Hoermann,
Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management
Kiel University, Germany
+49/431/2190916, mo: +49/176/64335754, icq:348340729, skype: ghoermann

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